Ease into the new year in Portland with a goat yoga class

Jan 8 2020, 9:46 pm

It’s been over a week since the new year started, and many of us might still be stuck in holiday mode. Whether you were abroad during the holidays, or enjoying your Christmas break with friends, family, and too much food, the leisurely spirit of last month might have made jumping headfirst into work in January a tad bit challenging.

Maybe your motivation levels are down, or maybe you’re overwhelmed with the seemingly sudden onslaught of work in the new year. Either way, we have a unique and adorable way you can ease into the new year and all the obligations that come with it.

Yes, we’re talking about goat yoga.


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Less than an hour away from Portland, in Oregon City, you can unwind and destress from the hustle of work and responsibilities with a class of yoga with a baby goat twist.

The class features adorable goats that wander around the class (and sometimes wander on top of you) and may even snuggle with you as you stretch and strengthen your body in several yoga postures.

Animal therapy is already a popular wellness movement, and goat yoga takes it to a new level by incorporating an eastern holistic practice with the therapeutic influence of cute goats.


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The classes at this studio also have Goat Happy Hour, where you can really take your time taking goat selfies and snuggling goats or doing silly yoga postures with the goats for the hour following the class.

Original Goat Yoga Class

When: For a full schedule, check the website here
Time: For a full schedule, check the website here
Where: 17531 S Henrichi Road, Oregon City, Oregon
Admission: Buy tickets here

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