What to eat in Portland today: Demarco's Sandwiches

May 6 2020, 9:23 pm

While we’re always quick to grab a particular sandwich and vault it to the top of our must-eats list, we thought today would be the perfect day to break out a shining star in Portland. Demarco’s Sandwiches is a standout amongst those playing in the bread and cheese and meat game.

Remarkably, you can’t go wrong when choosing from their delicious menu, as their quality and combinations float Demarco’s to a high-tier status, regardless of your pick.


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From Chicken Parms, to Italian style sandwiches, Demarco’s serves up classics with a twist and unforgettable flavors.

What to order

Thanks to Postmates, you can have a fantastic handheld meal from Demarco’s almost anywhere in the PDX area.

We know we said that the entire menu is worthy — and it is — but their new special menu item takes the cake. The “Reubano,” a filthy concoction that features house-smoked pork, ham, pickles, swiss cheese, and pressed to perfection, is the bun-delivered savior of our tastebuds.


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Just look at it. It’s a work of art.

You can get one of these bad boys for yourself, but be careful, because Demarco’s often sells out, changing their operation hours to 11nam until sell-out.

Demarco’s Sandwiches

Address: 4606 SE Division Street
Phone: 503-573-7876


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