What to eat in Portland today: La Provence PDX's Family Meals

May 4 2020, 10:05 pm

Foodies of all shapes and sizes often turn to a particular list of meals in order to find some kind of sanity. These comfort foods are some of the most prolific eats to break through regional boundaries.

Brunch meals are the epitome of this comfort. An entire time of day, devised by breakfast and dinner fans who want to eat something in between the two.

For the purveyors of the best made-up-meal, there’s one spot in particular here in Portland that may be unbeatable. Especially in the time of take-out and delivery options being our only option.


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La Provence is a french-inspired family-owned establishment with half a dozen locations. Found in the metro Portland area, as well as Beaverton, Hillsboro, Oswego, and The Dalles, this delicatessen of deliciousness serves up one of the best options for quarantine eats out there.

What to order

There is absolutely no denying that the La Provence family meals menu is a killer. A slough of grand meals, meticulously built and finished in your own oven at home, spells for a magical time around the family table.


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Best of all of them, is the Brunch for Four, and the Scrambled Eggs a la Française. Get a homemade combination of amazing brunch and breakfast flavors, for such a low price.

La Provence

Address: 1824 NE Alberta Street
Phone: 503-284-6564

Address: 3420 NE Sandy Blvd.
Phone: 971-703-4419

Address: 4834 SE Division Street
Phone: 503-233-1121

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