We went to Canada's largest supper club and here's what we thought

Aug 8 2022, 10:35 pm

When making a stop in Montreal, make a point to reserve a night out to check out the largest supper club in Canada.

During a whirlwind 48 hours in Montreal for F1 weekend, our group of out-of-towners made sure to check out Yoka Luna — a whopping 20,000-sq-ft space that offers fine dining and exceptional service that transforms into a trendy nightclub/lounge experience as the night goes on.

The dining hall blends Japanese recipes with hints of Latin flavours and Peruvian fusion.

As foodies, we go to restaurants to be transported from our day-to-day lives — we want to forget about the old 9-to-5, enjoy a nice meal, and get a splash of escapism.

Yoko Luna did exactly that for us.


When entering the massive space, guests can marvel at Yoko Luna’s grand mirrored entrance — affectionately known as the “path of reflection.” It leads customers to a short flight of stairs where they’re met by a fifteen-foot statue of a perched geisha, overlooking the entire dining room.

The supper club’s mainstay statue is quite the sight and might make you feel as if you’re walking onto the set of an Indiana Jones film — right before an escape scene. The only difference: you’ll be happy to be trapped in here.

As the clock approaches midnight, friendly diners embrace the change of lighting and pace as the supper club turns into a nightclub lounge.

A DJ takes a stage, right beside the towering geisha status, and the mood changes as the sushi chefs, previously partaking in dining theatre, begin to disappear.


Yoko Luna is an ambitious undertaking but the entire ambiance is executed very well. Our group opted for a sharing route when it came to food, starting with a serving of some excellent sticky sesame ribs topped with some chancaca syrup and gochujang.

Course two consisted of Luna ceviche: bluefin tuna with yuzu leche de tigre and some jalapeno dashi – a really well-balanced dish that would make Peruvians proud.

The highlight of the meal was the best steak we’ve all had in recent memory (and that’s saying a lot, considering we were at Joe Beef the night before.) The certified A5 Kuroge wagyu is the highest grade of Japanese beef there is, and Yoko Luna’s treatment and service of it are fit for a king or queen.

We don’t recommend feasting too much though as you’ll need to save room for dessert — Yoko Luna’s decadent 24K Banana Crème Brulee – which is actually topped with 24 karat gold flakes!


Located at 1234 de la Montagne, the former address of Club Le CINQ, Yoko Luna is one of the coolest spaces in all of Montreal and is deserving of holding the crown of the largest supper club in the entire country.

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