Addicted to Wordle? Here's how you can play it more than once a day

Jan 28 2022, 2:58 pm

If you’re chasing the feeling of successfully getting those five green squares in a row, there’s finally a way you can Wordle more than once a day.

A fourth-year computational biology and bioinformatics PhD student at Duke University has created “Remembrance of Wordles Past,” an archive of previous Wordles that you can solve.

“I, like a lot of people on this website, love my daily Wordles,” Devang Thakkar tweeted. “But if you forget to do one, there is no way to go back to it. So I decided to make one.”

It not only allows people to solve any Wordles they might’ve missed, but it also allows newbies to hop on the word game train starting from the beginning.

The site gives you the option to solve the very first Wordle, to the latest one. You can also click previous or next, or if you want an overview of all of the puzzles, there’s a “choose” button that has the full list. There’s a “random” option as well if you want a surprise.


Devang Thakkar

After going viral in early January, there have been a handful of creative iterations of the word game. For hockey fans there’s Gordle where you solve for the last names of hockey players and Lewdle, an R-rated version of Wordle.

If you’re new to the Wordleverse, click here for a crash course.

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