Lewdle: the R-rated version of Wordle you didn't know you needed

Jan 19 2022, 11:06 pm

Wordle, a word-guessing game that has now reached millions of players, has inspired a different game called Lewdle.

The rules are the same as with Wordle. When you guess a five-letter word, it tells you what letters you guessed correctly and if they’re in the right spot. You only get six chances.

The difference? The answers are words that are NSFW.

Referring to itself as a “daily lewd word game,” Lewdle taps into the immature child hiding inside all of us.



App and game clones aren’t a new concept, but at least the creators of this NSFW word game give props to the original Wordle. Once you guess the Lewdle correctly, the makers of the erotic word game actually link you to the real game.

Lewdle was conceptualized by a notable Hollywood screenwriter named Gary Whitta, who has worked on movies like Star Wars: Rogue One and The Walking Dead.

Believe it or not, Lewdle isn’t the only Wordle copycat out there.

There’s also a game called Sweardle, the “sweary word guessing game.”



You can probably guess what the theme of this game is, though it’s not quite as refined as Lewdle.

If you somehow haven’t played Wordle, you can learn all about it here, and then play it by clicking here.

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