U-Pick 'em: 600,000 multicoloured tulip field now open in Old Montreal

May 12 2022, 2:00 pm

Spring fanatics, be aware: a 600,000 multicoloured U-Pick tulip field is now open in Old Montreal.

Flowers in bloom at one of Montreal’s most iconic boroughs, what more do you need to signify that springtime is in the air?

Tulipe.ca’s third metro Montreal area garden has opened at the Old Port, offering flower fans an 88,000-sq-ft tulip oasis at $2 a pop.

Aside from picking the gorgeous flowers yourself, the Old Montreal location is also offering bouquets for sale.

Tulipe.ca ā€” which has locations in Boucherville and Laval ā€” urges flower pickers to get moving as it says “tulip season is extremely short.”

Traditionally, tulips bloom halfway through May and tend to wither away by early June.

Speaking of cutting it close, customers are only able to pluck the stems of tulips to form their respective bouquets — not clip or cut. “To pick tulips, you simply have to hold the tulip by the stem as close to the ground as possible and pull,” advises the website.

Admission to the site costs $20, and each plucked tulip costs $2. So while the enchanting excursion can get a bit pricey, think of all the beautiful photos you can take while on-site.

The U-Pick tulip field is located at the corner of Rue de la Commune and Rue du Quai King-Edward.

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