See the tulips in full bloom at the top of Mont Royal

May 17 2018, 2:47 am

Who needs groundhog day when you have tulips?

A gorgeous uprising of tulips has bloomed atop Mont Royal, signalling that nice weather is officially here. The sunshine and positive vibes have trickled down the mountain as well, spreading its joy to Montreal and its inhabitants.

Sprouted at the lookout, in front of the Mont Royal Chalet are hundreds of tiny, beautiful orange, red, and yellow tulips.

The mountain’s lookout has always been a rewarding spot to run, relax, socialize, or read but the emergence of these flowers have made it absolutely stunning.

Get up to the top of Mont Royal and get your camera flashing, it’s definitely Insta-worthy.

Let these pictures tie you over until you get up there for yourself.

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