You can visit this incredible heart-shaped lake in Ontario

Oct 19 2017, 10:53 am

Editor’s Note: Since this story has been published, the County of Frontenac has asked photographers to stop visiting the heart-shaped lake as there is no public road to it and it is hunting season. Read the update here

While it comes as no surprise that Ontario is home to a number of incredible natural landmarks, some almost too beautiful to seem real.

It turns out that there’s a body of water shaped like the symbol of love in our beautiful province. And it blows other landmarks right out of the water.

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Ontario is known for its picturesque fresh water lakes and rivers. However, none of them quite compare to this remarkable symbol of love.

Located just over three hours east of Toronto, near Ompah, ON, you’ll find this incredible heart shaped lake, which is truly a sight to see.

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As you can see from the Google map below, there’s a dirt road leading up to the lake making the lake and surrounding conservation area accessible by vehicle.

Canada heart shaped lake

Google Maps

Whether you’re looking for a ridiculously adorable date idea, perhaps an incredibly unique place to propose, or maybe you’re just looking to escape the city and see some fall foliage, we highly recommend paying the heart-shaped lake a visit.

Pro Tip: Try to get your hands on a drone so you can see how incredible this lake looks like from above the ground, especially during fall when you can capture the beautiful colours of the changing leaves.