This Ontario park is the best place to go to see the leaves change

Oct 6 2017, 10:43 pm

This Thanksgiving, if you’re looking to change up your traditional family dinner plans, we highly recommend heading out into the great outdoors and taking in how beautiful our province is during the fall.

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More importantly, we suggest checking out the leaves as they change colour – especially since it’s going to feel like 30 degrees in Toronto this weekend. But rather than heading to the most obvious parks in the city like High Park or the Don Valley, we suggest heading on a mini road trip to Algonquin Park, where the fall foliage is at its peak.

Algonquin Park is easily the mecca of places to watch the leaves evolve from their summer greens and is world renowned for its fantastic fall foliage.

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Since temperatures near the park dipped below freezing for several nights in a row in late September and early October, the colour of the remaining maple leaves is very intense and ranges from crisp orange to fiery red.

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For optimal viewing, we recommend heading to the Centennial Ridges Trail, which is one of the best trails in Algonquin for breathtaking scenery. You can find various lookouts on this trail, providing the perfect viewing point.

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Even though Algonquin is a little over three hours away, it’s definitely worth the trek and features 7,600 square kilometres of space to explore.

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