If you like fall foliage you should go to High Park right now

Oct 17 2017, 7:10 pm

Aside from visiting local pumpkin patches and getting lost in corn mazes, looking for foliage in Toronto is probably our favourite fall activity.

Because there’s something magical about seeing the leaves slowly change colour from vibrant green to fiery red.

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And while it’s no secret that Ontario is home to a pretty impressive showing of autumn leaves, some of the best leaf peeping can actually be done within the city limits.

Toronto’s very own High Park has officially welcomed fall, as the park is now filled with a sea of red, gold and yellow leaves.

If you haven’t paid this popular greenspace a visit since the cherry blossoms were in bloom, we highly recommend paying the park a visit before the temperature drops and the leaves begin to fall.

Seriously, this park isn’t fooling around when it comes to fall foliage. If you don’t believe us, scroll down to see for yourself.

And head there as soon as you can!

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