TikTok rating Montreal's deadly icicles goes viral (VIDEO)

Feb 10 2021, 2:42 pm

If you’re in Montreal and have a longstanding fear of getting struck by a dangerously low-hanging icicle every winter, you’re not alone. Thankfully, a new TikTok video has given it an icy cool spin.

Using the song Blue Blood (ofĀ It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia fame), Montrealer @maryzemusicĀ rated some of Montreal’s often-seen “deadliest icicles.”

The video is less than 45 seconds long and it sums up everyone’s fears about wintertime ice daggers.

The TikToker, who calls herself a “bilingual alt-pop artist” uploaded the icicle video on Tuesday and it garnered over 587,000 likes (and another 27,000 on Twitter).

“I had 2,000 followers yesterday and now I have 12,000,” says @maryzemusic in a follow-up video posted on Wednesday morning.

Mirroring @maryzemusic’s icicle rating, we’ll give this TikTok video a 20/10 as well.

@maryzemusicBe careful out there #montreal #quebec #canada #winter #bilingual #french #tiktokmontrealā™¬ Blue Blood – Heinz Kiessling & Various Artists

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