Here's where to find the best tacos around Montreal

Apr 29 2021, 5:25 pm

Springtime is here which really means it’s primetime for tacos and a few cervezas. Montreal has an impressive selection of taco joints if you really want to enjoy authentic Mexican food.

Spread out across the island, here are the best spots to grab tacos in Montreal in both takeout and dine-in varieties (for when restaurants are allowed to reopen).

La Capital Tacos

La Capital has a variety of flavourful tacos to choose from. Pork, chicken, beef, shrimp, and tofu, are all on the menu to name a few, and they are open for takeout and they offer delivery.

Because getting tacos delivered right to your door is some kind of special.

El Gordo


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This spot in St-Henri offers traditional Mexican dishes and they can churn out a seriously tasty taco, decked out in jalapenos, avocados, and a variety of meats and veggie options.



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Icehouse serves a variety of different dishes from all over the world and their tacos, burritos, and nachos are spot on. Fan favourites include pulled pork, fried chicken, and shrimp in a crunchy taco shell.



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Escondite Cerveceria de Barrio is a Mexican restaurant that serves goodies and house-crafted tequila cocktails.

Be enticed by the tequila and stay for the tacos. Or vice versa. They offer tacos in either corn or flour tortillas and you can’t go wrong with either choice.

Tacos Frida


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Tacos Friday is a family-run spot. You can pick up Mexican grocery items or devour piles of their chicken, beef, carnitas, and mushroom tacos.

Tacos Tin Tan


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If you’re looking for taco variety, Tacos Tin Tan should be on your radar. Their list includes traditional, pineapple, pork, cactus, along with tasty burritos and quesadillas if you really want to go the whole way.

Chelas & Tacos

A corner of Mexican cuisine in the heart of NDG, this new spot serves up very tasty tacos, fusing modernity and traditional Mexican culture right on Monkland.

El Ray del Taco


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Located on the always-busy Jean-Talon Market,Ā El Ray del Taco is a staple in Montreal’s Mexican cuisine scene. You can get four tacos for less than $10, what else do you need to know?

Restaurant Mezcaleros

Mezcaleros offers vegetarian and meat-lover options (in Jack Daniels-marinated beef no less), and pulled pork. Their hybrid dish — the Porctrine, should be your go-to. It’s a fuse of a taco and poutine, the best of both Quebecois and Mexican worlds.

Mr. Azteca


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Mr. Azteca makes their own corn and flour tortillas in-house and offers a pretty nifty 3 for $12 deal. Plus they can make it real spicy for people looking for a little taco sweat.

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