Summertime photoshoot: Check out this stunning sunflower field just outside Montreal

Jul 15 2022, 3:36 pm

How about a little sunflower power this summer, Montreal? Because a spectacular flower field is ripe for the picking.

A summertime flower festival, FestiFleurs, is kicking off at La Belle de Coteau-du-Lac ā€” a smooth 60 kilometres southwest of Montreal.

The flower festival itself has over 100 varieties of plants, ranging from daisies, lavenders, marigolds, and zinnias, in an assortment of sizes and colours.

In August, La Belle de Coteau-du-Lac will host its annual prized sunflower fields. “Sunflowers are the queen flowers of photoshoots,” says the farm in French. “Our flowering sunflowers is the ideal place to come and strike a solo pose, with baby, children, friends, loved ones and even your four-legged friend ā€” in a multitude of varieties of vibrant sunflowers.”

The sunflower field will host a vast plot of thousands of flowers, in 60 different varieties including yellow, red, orange, and creamy white colours.

The farm also has a food court with several picnic tables, benches, and seats in the shade and also offers professional photographers (for a price) if you’re looking for a top-of-the-line shoot.

La Belle de Coteau-du-Lac says the u-pick sunflower field has been “very popular over the past two summers,” offering guests the chance to pick their own bouquets to “brighten up your home.”

Even if you don’t want to take the flowers home, the field is an absolutely breathtaking place for photoshoots and social media clout.

A nighttime shoot will be available from 6:30 to 10 pm on July 23 and 30 if you really want to nab that sparkling night shot.

If you’re looking for a primetime summer photoshoot with the fam or significant other, these flower fields might be tough to top.

The flower fields are open to the public rain or shine.


When: July 22 to 31, August 5 to 7
Time:Ā 11 am to 6 pm, nighttime shoot 6:30 to 10 pm (July 23 & 30 only)
Where: La Belle de Coteau-du-Lac, (75 Coteau-du-Lac, QC-201)
Price:Ā $6 to $21, depending on bouquet size

Sunflower field

When: August 19 to 21, 25 to 28, September 2 to 5
Time:Ā 11 am to 6 pm
Where: La Belle de Coteau-du-Lac, (75 Coteau-du-Lac, QC-201)
Price:Ā $6 to $25, depending on bouquet size


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