The STM ranked 3rd best public transit system in Canada

Mar 11 2019, 1:01 pm

The STM has been ranked as one of the best public transit networks in the country.

While some residents (particularly transit users) may be surprised, the new ranking comes from Redfin, a tech-powered real estate brokerage.

Redfin based its first-ever Transit Score ranking on the company’s Walk Score, and rates locations based on how convenient they are to public transportation. Transit Score is calculated based on indicators showing that local public transit is both convenient, and runs frequently.

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According to the company, looking at big cities with populations of over 300,000, Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal took the three top spots with Transit Score ratings of 78, 74, and 67, respectively.

With a score of 67, Montreal’s Transit Score holds an edge over several large US cities, according to Redfin.

It ranks just below Boston’s 72 rating, while falling well shy of San Francisco’s score of 80, earning at least a comparable place among the largest cities in North America.

Coming on the heels of travel website SmarterTravel calling the STM one of the best public transit networks in the world, it seems the STM is holding its own on both a global and domestic scale.

Here is the full ranking of the top 15 large cities (with populations of more than 300,000) in Canada for public transit in 2019:


With files from Yasmin Aboelsaud