A wicked giant steampunk garden has just landed in Montreal (VIDEO)

Jul 20 2022, 6:26 pm

A huge flying greenhouse has landed at the site of Montreal’s Jardin Botanique.

Courtesy of a French team, the garden is a “flying plant exhibition” called the Aéroflorale II, a flying greenhouse that travels the world collecting plants.

On each stopover, its team of scientists presents the latest findings in the field of botanics.

The team and greenhouse, known collectively as L’Expédition végétale, is interested in native plants and their photovoltaic properties (the ability to produce energy) and will be conducting research on-site at the Jardin botanique for the rest of July.

We don’t want to burst your bubble, but the Aeroflorale 11 doesn’t actually fly, although it certainly looks capable of flight. It looks and sounds like it’s right out of the popular Zelda video game franchise:


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The Aéroflorale II is a four-storey high structure propelled by the electricity produced by the plants on board. During their stopover in Montreal, the team will conduct a series of experiments on the richness of the biodiversity of the city and its surroundings.

The steampunk garden’s stop in Montreal is following a lengthy trip in the Far North where its researchers studied the ancient pollen of sunflowers of a yet-to-be-discovered variety in the permafrost.

According to a news release, the crew has now set course for North America, for the first time in its history. While in Montreal, its members will conduct a series of experiments on the richness and capacity of Quebec’s endemic species to produce the proverbial photovoltaic energy.

“We are very honoured that the Jardin botanique de Montréal is L’Expédition végétale’s first North American stop,” said Anne Charpentier, Director of the Jardin. “The research conducted by this team of peculiar ‘scientists’ will give us the opportunity to address the importance of greening the city in an entirely original way.”

Espace pour la vie

Espace pour la vie

Espace pour la vie

The entire L’Expédition végétale team will be at the gorgeous Montreal garden until July 31 before taking flight towards the next destination.

L’Expédition végétale

When: From now until July 31
Time: 10 am to 10 pm (last access to site at 9 pm)
Where: Jardin botanique, 4101 rue Sherbrooke Est
Price: $11 to $22 (access to the entire Jardins Botanique site), available online

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