Philippe Couillard ranked 6th most favourable premier in Canada

Mar 21 2018, 11:01 pm

Philippe Couillard might not be looking so hot in the most recent premier rankings from Angus Reid, but it could honestly be worse.

The long-standing premier of Quebec has seen a slight drop in the Institute’s latest popularity poll, losing two points since they last released the numbers in December 2017.


Angus Reid premier approval survey March 2018 (Angus Reid Institute)

It’s not the lowest he has ever been, however, as September 2016 saw him at only 20% approval, but it could be better.

The Angus Reid Institute is pulling these numbers from an online survey they conducted between March 6 and 15, using a representative, randomized sample of 5,423 Canadians.


Philippe Couillard’s approval rating (Angus Reid Institute)

Taking the top spot on the list is BC’s John Horgan and Saskatchewan’s Scott Moe – both being freshly elected, and thus not quite affected by the usual drop that comes within the first year of premiership.


John Horgan’s approval rating March 2018 (Angus Reid Institute)

Bringing up the rear is Ontario’s own Kathleen Wynne with a 19% approval rating, though that is actually a seven point increase over where she was back in March 2017.


Kathleen Wynne’s approval rating (Angus Reid Institute)

Taking a look at the federal level, it appears that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s own approval dipped below the majority for the first time ever in a survey released earlier this week.

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