Projet Montreal taking first steps necessary to end pit bull ban

Dec 9 2017, 4:16 am

Projet Montreal is taking steps to undo the city’s controversial pit bull ban.

The City of Montreal announced Councillor Craig Sauvé will reform parts of Montreal’s Animal Control Regulations that target specific breeds of dogs such as pit bulls.

“Mr. Sauvé announced the suspension of the articles of By-law 16-060 of the City of Montreal concerning a specific breed of dog, a dog resulting from a cross with this breed or a dog with morphological characteristics characteristic of the race originally targeted by the regulation adopted by the previous administration,” said the City in a release.

The decision will be ratified at an executive committee meeting on December 20.

“The special provisions in the Animal Control Regulations for the control of dangerous dogs, regardless of breed, are maintained in their entirety to ensure the safety of the public. Montreal is a welcoming city for pet owners and will remain so,” said Sauvé, in a statement.

“We will continue to improve the regulation on animal control, in order to provide Montreal with the best possible services in this area.”

Under the current bylaw, new and existing pit bull owners must register their dogs and use muzzles on them in public.

A new version of the animal control policy will be introduced in 2018.

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