P.K. Subban says he never wanted to play "anywhere else" but Montreal (VIDEO)

Jan 4 2023, 5:21 pm

There was never any question that P.K. Subban loved his time with the Montreal Canadiens. From his electricity on the ice to his philanthropic involvement within the community, he quickly became one of the city’s beloved figures.

As a result, the 2016 trade that sent Subban to the Nashville Predators in exchange for Shea Weber came as a bitter shock to fans and the player alike. It turns out that he “didn’t want to play anywhere else.”

In his recent appearance on The Pivot Podcast, hosted by former NFL Stars Channing Crowder, Fred Taylor & Ryan Clark, Subban, who announced his retirement from the NHL back in September, let his true sentiments on the infamous trade be known.

“If they would have come to me after I won the Norris Trophy and said, ‘You went out and you performed, you did what you said you were going to do, now we want to make you a Montreal Canadien, not only for this term of this contract but for the rest of your career,’ I would have signed for $7 million,” the 33-year-old explained, adding that “it didn’t have to be that complicated.”

For him, donning the classic sweater was a lifelong dream. “I grew up a Montreal Canadiens fan in Toronto,” Subban, who now works as an analyst for ESPN, told the podcast’s hosts. “There was only one place I wanted to play in my career.”

Before moving on from the subject, Subban also commented on how he felt his loyalty to the organization was not met with the same level of respect. “I didn’t want to play anywhere else. And I don’t understand, as an organization, when you have a player that wants to play for you (…) how you don’t value that a certain way.”

Despite a rocky ending between the player and former Canadiens management, Subban will be honoured with a “Homecoming” ceremony at the Bell Centre on January 12 when the Habs host the Nashville Predators.

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