Montreal prankster's pillow fight with McGill professor is just so darn pure (VIDEO)

May 27 2022, 8:32 pm

It’s a dark world these days and sometimes a good old-fashioned pillow fight is all we need to perk us up.

Asad Amini, the founder of MTLmanz ā€” a trio of YouTube pranksters ā€” challenged Professor Frank Ferrie of McGill University’s Electrical and Computer Engineering department to a pillow fight duel, resulting in a beautifully wholesome moment.

Amini stops the McGill professor and kindly asks him if he’d be interested in partaking in a “quick survey.” Ferrie agrees, saying that he only has a few seconds because he “has to run” before being appointed his cushiony weapon.

The two immediately square off in the soft fight, both laughing like kids pillow fighting on a mattress.

It’s just so pure.


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As of this writing, the pillow fight with professor Ferrie has garnered over 244,000 views on TikTok, alone.

The 22-year-old Amini tells Daily Hive he enjoys gaining new experiences through his pranks and he enjoys moments of purity by talking and learning more to his prankees. He says he values the art’s interactions and thinks the world needs more in-person interactions.

Earlier in May, the MTLmanz squad initiated pillow fights with random students on McGill campus. It’s harmless, wholesome, nostalgic fun.

What more could you need?

Amini says he has more interviews, awkward interactions, and pranks lined up for the summer so you might want to keep your head up. Especially when it comes to pillow fights.

Be sure to check out more of the prankster’s social channels on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube including a slew of pranks all around Montreal.


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