Summer glamping: Camp out in these framed tents across Quebec all season

Jul 21 2022, 3:45 pm

If you want to go camping in Quebec this summer but don’t want to do the actual camping part, oTENTik glamping tents might be your best option.

The A-frame cabin tents are already put together and feature raised floors, cozy beds, and furniture — perfect for campers who want a little extra comfort in the wild.

With over 400 oTENTik units across locations in Canada, you could also form a mega road trip and tackle these raised tents all across the country.

Each unit comes equipped with “standard amenities,” according to Parks Canada, including three to five mattresses (both singles and doubles), an indoor table and chairs, lighting (electric, solar, or battery-powered lamps), heating (wood stove, propane, or electric), and parking.

Some sites include USB ports, BBQs, and fire pits.

But since you are still camping, you’ll want to note that there is no plumbing or running water in the units.

Glampers are expected to bring a non-exhaustive list of items like bedding, pillows, some cooking items, and all your personal gear.

Renting the oTENTik tents start at a smooth $96 per night.

Quebec currently has four oTENTik camps spread out across the province:

Reservations for the rest of the season can be made through the Parks Canada website. Happy glamping!

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