Live like Frodo: Rent these adorable hobbit houses just outside of Montreal

Jul 20 2022, 8:33 pm

How does a little The Lord of the Rings-inspired adventure sound?

As the summertime heat in Montreal flames up like the Eye of Sauron, it might be time to sneak off-island and live in a house fit for a hobbit.

Le Hobbit” is the first underground dwelling of its kind for rent in Quebec. Inspired by the homes of J.R.R. Tolkien’s famous characters in the fantasy world of Middle Earth, the house has a circular door and windows, green roof, and interior decor made of wood and stone.

The folks at Entre CĂ®mes et Racines, the cottage rental property, say their ecolodge has “everything needed to accommodate a small family” — they probably mean a small family in terms of capacity, not hobbit-size small…

The Hobbit house has a dining area, kitchenette, and bedroom (with double bunk beds) all in one large room.

The Hobbit house is available with or without electricity, comes with two 18L jugs of drinking water, a slow-burning stove, candles, pots, dishware, coffee maker, utensils, and an outdoor fireplace.

The house is available for $200 per night and can accommodate a family of four humans (or a dozen hobbits).

Entre CĂ®mes et Racines also has a cool “Le Seigneur des Bois” house and “La Pierre de Feu” spots available — more rentable lots that are built into the earth.

All rentable units (which also include rustic cottages and cabins) are located in Bolton-Est, a smooth 80-minute drive south-east from Montreal.

The Hobbit house is available to rent year-round if you really want your Baggins transformation to become complete.

Check out Le Hobbit branch of the Entre Cîmes et Racines for more information.

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