Quebec Liberal ad attacks Legault's Dawson College decision

Feb 7 2022, 3:47 pm

On Sunday, Quebec’s Liberal Party (QLP) released an ad regarding Premier Francois Legault’s recent decision not to grant Dawson College, Quebec’s primary anglophone CEGEP, the pavilion and medical clinic expansion they were seeking.

The ad, which features a young nurse handing a mother a newborn child, contains the following message in French: “Here in Quebec, we call a young woman studying at Dawson College or CGEP de Ste-Foy to become a nurse: a future Quebec nurse.”

QLP leader Dominique Anglade, who has been very critical of the current CAQ administration, also shared the video to her own Twitter account.

Last week Legault shelved Dawson’s $100 million expansion to prioritize the province’s French-speaking CEGEPs. “It’s better to expand French colleges before adding capacity to Dawson,” he said in a press conference.

The Premier justified the decision stating that Dawson’s student body is only 50% anglophone.

In a press release, Dawson College said their expansion would have been “for the benefit of all Quebecers,” citing that “anglophones who go to CEGEP in English are more likely to stay in Quebec and contribute to Quebec society.”

The school also claimed that “francophones who go to CEGEP in English acquire a higher level of English, making them more marketable; they do not become a different person or lose their French language and identity.”

“It is quite common to hear students speaking to each other in French in the corridors of Dawson.”

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