Montreal is expected to feel 14º warmer between today and tomorrow

Apr 23 2020, 8:14 am

Some consistent double-digit weather is slated to make its way towards Montreal throughout the next few days.

According to The Weather Network’s seven-day forecast, temperatures are expected to feel 14ºC warmer between today and Friday.

It currently feels like an unwelcome -6ºC and Friday is expected to reach a cozier 8ºC.

What’s equally encouraging, the weather agency is forecasting seven consecutive double-digit days starting tomorrow until April 29.

“Feels like” temperatures aren’t expected to dip lower than 8ºC during that time and could reach a high of 12ºC by this coming Tuesday.

On the bright side (literally), Friday and Saturday are looking to bring 10 and 12 hours of sunshine, respectively.

The Weather Network

Quebec Premier François Legault says when Quebecers do go outside, they’re urged to continue the two-metre physical distancing guidelines and are reminded to wash their hands when returning indoors.