Montreal's week-long poutine festival starts today

Feb 1 2021, 5:30 pm

Hopefully, that new year diet is working out because the world’s largest poutine festival is about to kick off in Montreal and you might want to find the stretchiest pants you have.

The ninth edition of La Poutine Week returns to Montreal from today until February 7. A variety of Montreal restaurants will create their own signature poutine-dish, vying to become the city-wide champion, voted by restaurant patrons.

So yes, things are about to get greasy.

Some spots stick to the classic trifecta and others veer off the traditional poutine path.

“La Poutine Week is an interactive food festival where restaurants across the world are carefully selected to create a unique poutine for the event,” reads the event’s website.

“Participants engage with the festival by eating original poutines, sharing their experiences on social media, and voting using the La Poutine Week website.”

Dunn’s Famous/La Poutine Week

La Poutine Week is held across Canada and the US — but it’s no secret that Montreal’s poutine comes out on top, just like those cheese curds.

This year, La Poutine Week has 56 participating restaurants across Montreal (with over 250 across Quebec and over 700 across Canada).

The tasty festival will be giving back to the community this year by giving one dollar for every poutine sold across Canada to Anorexia and Bulimia Québec (ANEB), an organization that guarantees free, immediate, and specialized help to people with an eating disorder and their loved ones.

Ranging from $6.50 to $30, here are all of this year’s greasy pooters and the restaurants that are dishing them out:

Restaurant Poutine Name Price
3 Brasseurs Poutine brunch $12
Aux Vivres The Mumbai Poutine $14
Banquise Resto La Couvre-Feu $14.95
Bergham Maximum Poutine $15.99
BĂŽ Grill BĂŽ Poutine $13.99
Boustan Poutine Gros Big $14.95
BRGR & Mac Saint-Antoine Quack Poutine $16.99
Burger Bar Buffalo Chicken Poutine $14.95
Chick-N-Waff House Fried Chicken Cheese Bomb Poutine $19
ClĂ©bard Mrs Trang’s Poutine $12.95
Cook it Tater Tots poutine TBA
Dame Tartine Dame Tartine pulled duck poutine $16.95
Dilallo Burger Buck Poutine $8.95
Dunn’s Famous Decarie DUNN’S FAMOUS POUTINE $15
French Takos Poutine cheesmoky $10.99
Frite Alors! L’Esti de bon poulet frit $15
Harvey’s MTL The Chicken Bacon Ranch Poutine $6.49
Ho Lee Chix Yin Yang poutine $17
Labarake Foie Gras Madness Poutine $26
La Belle et La Boeuf Classic Poutine $10.95
La Belle Tonki Kimcheesy $16
La BĂȘtise Rosemont Seafood and cury poutine (Khao Poon style) $18
La BĂȘtise Verdun Peking Duck Poutine $19
La Petite Marche La Petite Marche Poutine $15
La Tamalera Mayan Poutine $16
LĂ©chĂ© Desserts Leche churros “poutine” $8
Le Gras Dur (Chez Maamm Bolduc) Poutine Terre et Mer $16
Les Enfants Terribles IDS Poutine Dauphinoise $18
Le TrĂšfle Hochelaga Sine Metu $13
L’OEUFRIER MASSON Poutine Maria Emilia $18.70
Lola Rosa Butter Chickn Poutine $14
Maison Saint-Paul Surf & Turf Poutine $30
Maynard Classic vegan poutine $8
Melrose resto Italian Poutine $12
MONT TACOS La french tacos $11.99
Nickel’s Deli – MTL Smokey Mountain $17.99
Notre Boeuf De Grace – MTL Philly Cheesesteak Poutine $17
Nouveau Palais Royal Poutine $11.95
Paulo et Suzanne Curfew Poutine $13.49
PiklÏz Comptoir Caribéen The PiklÏz Poutine $12.99
Poutine Boss Chicken & Waffle Poutine TBA
Pub McCarold Black velvet baby back $16
Restaurant Deli Plus Mixed emotions $12.50
Restaurant Le Boucan Pulled Pork Poutine $14
Restaurant Maamm Bolduc Poutine Québécoise $13
Resto du Village The Village Galvaude $13.95
Roasters Rotisserie & Bar Pulled Pork Poutine $14
Sam Cha Kimchi Fries $16
Spicebros DDO Butter Chicken Poutine $12
Taco Signature Taco-Poutine $14.50
Taka Taka Souvlaki Taka Taka Poutine TBA
The Famous Cosmos Cosmolio $13
Toujours Mikes Rosemont The Burger Poutine 1967 $12
Traiteur Phoenix Poutine Wellington $16
Ye Olde Orchard Monkland Butter Chicken Poutine $20

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