Over 500 calls made to Montreal police about COVID-19 rule-breaking

Dec 22 2020, 7:37 am

Montreal police have been swarmed with phone calls from citizens claiming COVID-19 public health guidelines aren’t being followed.

According to the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM), 530 calls were made during the week of December 14 to 20 from neighbours and locals worried about Montrealers breaking pandemic protocols.

The SPVM says police officers issued 353 red zone violation infractions due to the calls, inspected two “licensed establishments,” 3,686 businesses, and 107 “other locations.”

Last week, Quebec Premier François Legault said the warning period is “over for Quebecers” who defy the COVID-19 health and safety guidelines and says an “increased police presence” will be cracking down on rule-breakers.

Legault says police will be instructed to issue tickets that can range up to $6,000 for individuals and businesses who don’t follow guidelines.

Last week, the Quebec government announced new restrictions for the province to neutralize the transmission of COVID-19 and relieve the healthcare system.

All non-essential businesses will be shut down from December 25 to January 11, leaving only banks, grocery stores, gas stations, pharmacies, hardware stores, garages, and pet stores.

As for citizens, Quebecers are prohibited from having indoor gatherings, must wear masks indoors, and keep a two-metre distance from others.

Montreal police did not comment on fine amounts of the 353 offences.