Quebec police will issue more fines to COVID-19 rule breakers: Legault

Dec 9 2020, 6:52 pm

Premier François Legault says the warning period is over for Quebecers who defy the COVID-19 health and safety guidelines and says an “increased police presence” will be cracking down on rule-breakers.

At 2:30 pm on Wednesday, a message will be sent out to Quebecers’ mobile phones using the emergency alert system to remind people that following the COVID-19 protocols are crucial to limiting transmission of the virus.

Legault says police will be instructed to issue tickets that can range up to $6,000 for individuals and businesses who don’t follow guidelines.

“We cannot allow a minority of people to put the majority at risk,” said Legault in French at a Wednesday press conference. “We still have a very difficult week ahead of us.”

Quebecers must stay two metres away from each other and wear face masks when inside stores, shops, or restaurants. Stores must also limit the number of customers they let in at a time, and the maximum capacity must be visible from the outside at the front of the store.

Legault said people who go into stores and respect the guidelines have “no risk of transmitting the virus.”

On Wednesday, Quebec public health reported the province’s second-highest daily COVID-19 increase. Total COVID-19 cases in the province have now reached 156,468, along with 7,349 deaths.

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