Molson brewery grounds to become site of new residential neighbourhood

Jun 6 2019, 7:46 pm

The site that hosts Montreal’s iconic Molson brewery will soon become home to a new residential neighbourhood.

The City of Montreal has announced an agreement with developer consortium Sélection Groupe and Groupe Montoni that will transform the site of the brewery, which has occupied the land since 1786, into a neighbourhood that will feature up to 4,000 homes, 200 of them reserved for affordable social housing.

The agreement will also include a riverside, public services, green spaces, and a school.

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The Molson site is more than 100,000 square metres large and runs between the Saint Lawrence River to Notre-Dame Street, between Avenue Papineau and Panet Street.

Under the agreement, the Sélection Groupe and Groupe Montoni will acquire part of the land while the rest will go to the City of Montreal for development.


The deal still needs to be approved by the city council before construction can begin. The estimated completion date is by 2035.

While the Molson company continues to gradually move to a new plant in the South Shore, there was no mention in the agreement as to which parts of the 233-year-old brewery will be preserved.

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