Report: Montreal named one of the least stressful cities in the world

Sep 19 2017, 2:38 am

Montreal is one of the least stressful cities in the world, according to a new report from Zipjet.

The company conducted a study to find out how the most cities around the world can benefit from the example of those cities least affected by stress.

Montreal ranked 24 out of 150 cities that were part of the study.

Zipjet examined the over mental health of a city and then considered all of the major stress-inducing factors including unemployment, debt per capita, traffic, public transport, security, pollution, and density.

The study also took into account lifestyle factors such as gender equality, race equality, sunshine hours, and green spaces.

Stuttgart, Germany, took the top spot in the ranking, followed by Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, and Hannover Germany.

In terms of Canadian cities, Vancouver and Toronto were ranked 29 and 34, respectively.

Baghdad, Iraq, ranked last on the list.

The top ten most relaxed cities according to Zipjet:

  1. Stuttgart, Germany
  2. Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
  3. Hannover, Germany
  4. Bern, Switzerland
  5. Munich, Germany
  6. Bordeaux, France
  7. Edinburgh, UK
  8. Sydney, Australia
  9. Hamburg, Germany
  10. Graz, Austria
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