Here's a look at the first weekend of winter weather in Montreal

Dec 20 2019, 8:43 am

Yesterday’s painfully-cold weather may have indicated otherwise, but winter only officially starts tomorrow.

As the season swaps from fall to winter, temperatures are expected to heat up a speck, hovering around the negative double-digits before getting milder on Sunday.

It’s bittersweet after yesterday’s cold burst because while the first weekend of winter should feel much more seasonal, it may hinder our chances of having a white Christmas.

According to The Weather Network’s weekend forecast, the first day of winter will start at -13ÂșC (-16ÂșC with the wind chill) before heating to 3ÂșC on Sunday which is expected to feel like -1ÂșC.

The Weather Network

The weather agency doesn’t forecast any snow for this weekend and temperatures are expected to stay mild on Monday, Christmas Eve’s eve.

The Weather Network

The Weather Network doesn’t expect this past week’s snow to survive into next week as “milder weather” is on its way and the chances of a white Christmas in Montreal are “low.”