It will feel nearly 35°C warmer in Montreal in the next 48 hours

Jan 22 2019, 9:21 pm

Montreal has been dangerously cold for a week straight.

While it currently feels like -34°C in the city according to The Weather Network, one thing remains on Montrealer’s minds: When are we going to feel our fingers again?

The Weather Network

Well, it looks like the answer is finally here. By Thursday the city will be given a much-needed recess from the recent cold snap.

The Weather Network forecasts two to four millimetres of light rain on Thursday and temperatures that could feel as ‘high’ as -1°C.

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Between now and waking up in fewer than 48 hours the city could potentially feel 33°C warmer.

The Weather Network

Temperatures are expected to dip to below double-digits again on Friday and Saturday, at much easier-to-deal-with numbers of -12°C and -18°C, respectively.

It’s not pool weather yet, Montreal. But it’s a start.

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