Dog lovers in Montreal can now bring their furry friends to the movies with them

Apr 6 2018, 12:34 am

If you’ve ever owned a dog before, you’ve been through the emotional turmoil and guilt trips that come from leaving your dog at the house.

The sad, lonely eyes your dog gives when they watch you put your shoes on and prepare to take off for the day. Hurts, right?

There is, however, an alternative for dog-lovers across Montreal to take their canines on an evening outing that’s more than your everyday walk around the block.

By popular demand, Cinema du Parc is organising a special screening of Isle of Dogs where owners will be able to bring their furry friends with them.

Canines will also require a ticket to watch the movie; they’ll be charged a special rate of $9 for a ticket – the same price as children.

Owners will be required to keep their dogs on leashes throughout the entire evening. They’ll also need to bring a blanket to put on theatre seats before their dogs can sit. The theatre reminds each owner that they’re responsible for their dog’s behaviour and that aggressive or uncontrollable dogs will be asked to leave.

The event takes place on Sunday, April 15 at 9 pm. Tickets may be purchased online, simply select “enfant 13” for the dog rate.

Isle of Dogs special screening at Cinema Du Parc

When: Sunday, April 15, 2018

Time: 9 pm

Where: Cinema Du Parc – 3625 Avenue du Parc

Tickets: Available online or on-site.

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