Montreal's Dîner en Blanc tickets are now available

Jul 20 2018, 1:58 pm

Montreal’s spontaneous Dîner en Blanc is fast approaching. The secretive, world-renowned dinner has already hosted a launch party to reveal the date and they just announced that tickets for the elegant supper are now available.

The rules for the event are quite strict: all guests must dress fashionably in white, head-to-toe. No ivory, no off-white, no beige. All white.

Once guests are registered for the event their attendance becomes mandatory, rain or shine. Guests are all required to bring a table, chairs and a tablecloth, all white of course.

Plus, guests don’t know where they’re heading until the last second. Previous locations around Montreal included the Old Port, the Place des Festivals at Quartier des spectacles, and l’Esplanade at the Olympic Stadium.

Pre-registration tickets became available last week, exclusively for guests who had attended the dinner in previous years. As of yesterday at noon, tickets to the public became available.

On the night of the event, more than 5,500 participants show up at any of the 30 meeting points scattered throughout the city (meeting points will be revealed as the event draws closer). Guests then converge to the secret spot, keeping the location a mystery until the very last second.

Guests willing to abide by the all the rules and be part of a dinner that’s like no other, can purchase tickets ranging from $42 to $49 on the Dîner en Blanc website.

Start dry-cleaning your best white suits, dresses, shoes and top hats, Dîner en Blanc feeds the city at its mysterious location, on August 16.

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