New report ranks Montreal as third-best Canadian city to move to

Nov 25 2021, 10:23 pm

Montreal is among the top three cities to move to in all of Canada.

A new report from ranked the top cities to move to worldwide, and three Canadian cities made the cut: Montreal, Calgary, and Toronto.

On a global level, Montreal ranked 65th, bested by our pals out in Calgary, who ranked 43rd and our evil cousin, Toronto, who finished 56th overall.

The factors that determined each city’s position on the list include average annual temperature and precipitation, the number of green spaces and restaurants, average life expectancy, average monthly salary and living costs (excluding rent), average internet speed, and purchasing price of a property.

The analysis also noted that the average monthly cost per living (for a family of four) is $4,000 in Montreal; the city has 5,166 restaurants and an average life expectancy of 82 years.

If you’re curious about moving out of Canada, the top three cities in the world to move to are Austin, Tokyo, and Charleston, according to

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