Lime promises to help correct e-scooter issues in Montreal

Aug 27 2019, 3:06 pm

Lime e-scooters launched in Montreal at the beginning of August and its reception around the island has been mixed.

The two-wheeled app-activated scooters have sparked concerns by being left on residential properties, stashed on sidewalks, and could be seen as dangerous, especially for riders not wearing mandatory helmets.

But, they’re also fun to ride.

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Michael Markevich, general manager Canada East for Lime, says Lime has a “robust local operations team responsible for overseeing our fleet and ensuring our scooters are parked in accordance with local laws, and moving and redistributing them across the service area.”

Lime has been taken slack lately as a result of riders not following the scooter’s mandatory guidelines and the company is now highlighting everything they can do to right the e-scooter ship.

Individual tutorials are designed based on the city’s rules and regulations, specifically here in Montreal, it’s mandatory for riders to wear helmets.

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Riders must take a tutorial prior to a user’s first trip and this information is displayed every 10 days thereafter.

Using geo-fencing, the Lime app also tells riders where their scooters are permitted to be parked and where they are not.

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Lime customers are also able to flag bad behaviour and parking habits of others in the Lime app, keeping the company informed of user’s actions.

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WhileĀ some riders are not parking the e-scooters in the properly designated spots, Lime requires users to take a picture of where they park at the end of a trip, allowing the company the ability to judge whether a rider is parked properly.

Lime scooters

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“As Lime continues to work with the City of Montreal and local stakeholders, it’s important to remember that the challenges faced are not unique to Lime or electric scooter share operations,” reads a company news release. “Lime continues to innovate and evaluate initiatives, programs and services we use to ensure the best experience for our riders and for the cities where we operate.”

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