Juliette & Chocolat launches new Christmas dessert collection

Nov 17 2021, 7:23 pm

The holiday season has arrived and Juliette & Chocolat‘s 2021 Christmas collection is officially available in all its restaurants and online.

Juliette and her chocolatiers have nailed it once again with this year’s collection, which is bigger, better, and merrier than in years past. The sweetest part is that every item in the dessert assemblage is handmade in her chocolate lab in Longueuil.

Desserts from the collection, which are sure to warm the hearts of even the grumpiest of scrooges, include:

The Breakable Snowman

Juliette & Chocolat / Submitted to Daily Hive Montreal

This little guy is made up of 33% chocolate and sour candies, topped with a velvet finish. It comes with a small wooden mallet to break with and reveals discs of dark chocolate, milk and crispy puffed rice.

Price: $26.95

Snow Gnomes

Juliette & Chocolat / Submitted to Daily Hive Montreal

These delectable holiday gnomes with Dulcey chocolate and white chocolate come in two sizes: a small (130g) and a large (230g). And they taste even better than they look.

Price: $13.50 for the 125g gnome and $18.25 for the 225g gnome

Giant Christmas Bauble

Juliette & Chocolat / Submitted to Daily Hive Montreal

Juliette & Chocolat / Submitted to Daily Hive Montreal

This large and carefully decorated chocolate ball contains some delicious surprises hidden under its shell, making it the perfect post-meal indulgence.

Price:Ā $26.95

Chocolate Snowballs

These little handmade stocking stuffers contain sweet playful messages inside the white chocolate shell.

Price: $14.95

To view the entire menu and Christmas collection, visit the Juliette & Chocolat website.

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