CNN praises Montreal as Canada's unsung travel destination

Apr 4 2018, 12:10 am

A recent article on CNN has just showered some high praise on Montreal for its seemingly endless offerings to any kind of traveller.

The piece reveals that whether you’re an avid-festival-goer, a food lover, a nostalgic romantic, an art connoisseur, or a budding fashionista, there’s no end of opportunities within the city.

Journalist Kristin Braswell puts the spotlight on a handful of Montreal’s greatest attractions and the magic of getting “lost in the crowd.”

She shares how “Montreal has more than 100 festivals each year”, many with the ability to draw an international crowd, like the famous Montreal Jazz Festival or Festival Chromatic.

Braswell also gives some much-deserved recognition for Montreal’s dining scene and the expansive collection of nearly 4,000 restaurants. Among many of Montreal’s great eateries, Restaurant Gus, Restaurant L’Avenue, La Recolte, and Le Lab get the nod their ability to please “the insatiable muncher.”

Even the fashion lovers flock to the city to grow and focus their own personal style. The “hipster haven in Mile End” is Braswell’s recommendation for great fashion finds, local designer threads, and a selection of eclectic vintage jewellery.

She goes on to marvel at the romance and simple magic in Old Montreal. She marvels at the “beautifully preserved buildings” and the “narrow cobblestone streets,” talking about how the cozy cafes and “lively chatter make them come alive.”

And what would a travel piece on Montreal be without mentioning the Notre Dame Basilica, which manages to draw thousands of visitors each year for its gothic architecture?

Montreal’s expansive art scene receives some fair recognition, but not just the museums. It’s the tall-standing murals, the local graffiti pieces, and the pop art portraits that scatter hints of colour and magic on every street.

Of course, Braswell shares, it’s the pulse of life that “can be found in its people,” that truly shines in the city. The ability to forego the “sterile tourist traps and comfortable downtown accommodations” for the “local ethnic eateries” and “small alleys with signs painted in foreign languages.”

The heart of Montreal lies not just in any one area, but in St. Laurent, in Chinatown, or in the Atwater Market.

Although Vancouver and Toronto seem to gather much of the spotlight as Canada’s top cities, it seems a lot of visitors are starting to find the magic that lives within the cobblestone streets.

Frankly, we couldn’t agree more.

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