Churro poutine is a real thing you can get in Montreal

Jul 13 2017, 9:00 pm

Not only does Montreal have a churro cafe, but we’ve also seen the likes of churro ice cream sundaes and churro ice cream cones.

However, our city’s love for this Spanish treat doesn’t end there, as we’ve recently discovered that churro poutine is a dessert that also exists in Montreal.

In celebration of National Ice Cream Day, which takes place this Sunday, July 16th, Foodora has partnered with two Montreal restaurants to create the ultimate ice cream treat: “The Summer Poutine.”

Montreal eateries M Churros Mme Banane and Felix & Cacao have teamed up to create this delectable sweet poutine, which combines churros and vanilla soft serve ice cream.

Though the base is ice cream and churros, it doesn’t stop there. Customers are then asked to select a drizzle, of which there are four options (milk chocolate, dark chocolate, strawberry, and maple) and then finally to choose from one of three toppings (hazelnuts, Oreo crumble, and caramel).

This Instagrammable treat will be available through the Foodora app between July 16th and July 23rd, and it costs $8.

Be sure to celebrate National Ice Cream Day with this incredible Montreal creation!

Churro Poutine

When: July 16-23, 2017
Where: Via the Foodora app

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