11 Montreal dessert spots you have to try

Jul 20 2016, 11:09 pm

Sometimes all you want is a little dessert. Whether you’ve already eaten dinner or are just craving chocolate, you will be ridiculously satisfied with any of the dessert spots listed below. Like just about every other type of food, Montreal does dessert really well.

Offering everything from chocolate-covered Belgian waffles to artisanal donuts, the city’s got your sweet tooth covered.

Cacao 70

If you love chocolate then you have to visit Cacao 70. The definition of a dessert restaurant, Cacao 70 serves up everything from waffles and crepes to dessert pizza. They even offer a DIY s’more menu item that comes with marshmallows and your own miniature grill. With even the few savoury menu options coming with some form of chocolate, you really can’t escape chocolate at Cacao 70.

Where: Various locations


If you love pies, this is your joint. This St.Henri gem offers up an assortment of pies in regular and mini size with every type of filling and topping you can imagine. And if pies don’t tickle your sweet tooth, Rustique offers up a plethora of other options ranging from homemade cookies to marshmallow bars.

Where: 4615 Rue Notre-Dame O, Montréal

Maison Christian Faure

This Old Montreal destination is famous for their Pastries. With renowned pastry chef Christian Faure Meilleurs Ouvriers de France heading the menu, you can expect innovative versions of éclairs, macaroons, babas, mille-feuilles, cakes, and classic desserts.

Where: 355 Place Royale, Montreal

Suite 88 Chocolatier

Suite 88 Chocolatier has an exclusive lounge available to meet all your chocolate needs. From waffles and brownies to cheesecakes and specialty cookies, Suite 88 Chocolatier is there for you.

Where: 1225 Boulevard de Maisonneuve O

Kem CoBa

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Don’t be surprised if the lineup is over 30 minutes long, that’s how popular this ice cream spot is. Featuring two different soft serve flavours every week, their soft serve will make you an instant Kem CoBa addict.

Where: 60 Fairmount Ouest

Juliette & Chocolat

A Montreal institution, Juliette & Chocolat is popular among locals and tourists alike. The romantic atmosphere of their restaurants coupled with the delicious dessert options (like a triple chocolate cheesecake brownie), make J & C a must if you’re craving something sweet.

Where: Various locations

Trou de Beigne

Handcrafted and artisanal, this Little Italy resident has been gracing Instagram foodie posts since they first opened up shop. Their Bourbon Lemonade and Nutella Banana flavors are to die for!

Where: 156 rue saint-zotique est, Montreal

Bar a Beurre

Serving up the most unbelievable French pastries in Montreal, Bar a Beurre is a great place to sit and relax with coffee and some sweets. If you’re interested in making an afternoon out of it, Bar a Beurre also offers High Tea but you have to book in advance.

Where: 350 Notre-Dame Est


Famous for their monstrous cheesecakes, Rockaberry serves up incredible desserts all year round. A more diner-like atmosphere, Rockaberry has pretty much any kind of cheesecake imaginable and is crazy addictive (your friends will have to stop you from taking home the whole pie).

Where: Various locations

Leche Desserts

Another donut place that needs to be on your must-try list! Constantly inventing unique flavours like Passionfruit or Caramel Maple Bacon, Leche Desserts will satisfy even the pickiest of donut lovers.

Where: 640 Rue De Courcelle

Patisserie Rhubarbe

With an entire menu filled with pastries, cakes, and macaroons, Patisserie Rhubarbe is a great place to go if you’re looking for French-inspired desserts. If you want a unique experience, try out their grapefruit and white chocolate cake or their black caramel chocolate macaroon.

Where: 5091 Rue de Lanaudière

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