The hottest Montreal chefs to follow on Instagram

Jun 24 2017, 12:18 am

The hottest Montreal chefs to follow on Instagram

Summer is here and it’s getting hot in Montreal’s kitchens. Here’s a list of the hottest Montreal chefs to follow on Instagram for a sneak peak of great food and so much more.

Hakim Chajar

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The TV-celebrity chef just opened his own restaurant, Miel, a neighbourhood joint that serves lunch, brunch and dinner. The globetrotter is also hard to keep up with, as he is always traveling for his returning TV show: Inspiration chef season 2.
Instagram: @hakimchajar

Jeremie Falissard

The mastermind behind the successful restaurants Barroco, Bocata and Foiegwa is always on the move. Rumour has it that the hyperactive chef is working on a new project with his power team, The Barroco Group. And we cannot wait to find out.
Instagram: @jeremie_barroco

Martin Juneau

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The multitalented chef recently launched a web series that he’s co-hosting with wife Valerie Roberts, in addition to opening Pastaga Snack Bar pop up at MarchĂ© des Éclusiers. The chef is constantly sharing inspiring food, wine and travel pictures on his feed.
Instagram: @martin_juneau

Olivier Vigneault

The talented chef behind Jatoba and now Kozu will make you dream about his Chinese/Japanese inspiration dishes and his almost picture-perfect Instagram feed.
Instagram: @oliviervigneault

Stephanie Audet

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Botanic-chef Stephanie Audet gets a lot of LOV these days. Her almost all vegan restaurant LOV opened a second location after a highly successful first one. Follow her to get inspired on botanic and vegan cuisine, among other things.
Instagram: @stephaudet

Raegan Steinberg

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Half of the super team behind Arthurs Nosh Bar, Raegan keeps things light, real, and cry entertaining with her Instagram stories. Sharing a lot of her personal life with hubby Alex Cohen, shenanigans in the kitchen, and much more, her Instagram is hilarious and authentic.
Instagram: @ArthursMtl

Antonio Park

Chef Antonio Park is everywhere. When P.K. Subban was still in town, his Instagram feed was filled with pictures of the two men sharing meals, sometimes with other Montreal Canadiens players. Park is known for his elite inner circle and great restaurant flair.
Instagram: @chefantoniopark

Chuck Hughes

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Chuck Hugues is both very talented and very good-looking. Chef/owner of the mythic Garde-Manger and Le Bremner restaurants in Old Montreal, he also co-hosted the TV show La RelĂšve last fall with Hakim, who’s also making this list. On his feed, you’ll find gorgeous shots of food too.
Instagram: @chefchuckhughes

Kimberly Lallouz

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This girlboss operates four restaurants: Restaurant du MAC, Monsieur Restaurant+Bar, Bird Bar and Miss PrĂȘt Ă  Manger in addition to numerous catering businesses. Other than being ultra photogenic, this talented chef-owner is also a TV host on Zeste
Instagram: @labluesy

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