Mayor of Chateauguay says Mercier Bridge is closing, despite no official word from city

Sep 26 2018, 12:21 pm

The mayor of the off-island suburb, Chateauguay, posted a video on Facebook claiming that only 45% of the construction on the Mercier Bridge has been completed and that drivers should expect to “suffer” more traffic delays.

It’s a rather unprecedented move for the mayor to make an announcement about a major transport structure outside of his jurisdiction.

In the video posted to the Vision Châteauguay Équipe Routhier Team Facebook page, Routhier claims that “by the end of August, they have only completed 45% of the repairs.”

Since June 22, the Mercier Bridge was reduced to one lane of both inbound and outbound traffic, which caused massive congestion. On August 20, the Pont Mercier announced that two lanes had re-opened, both ways.

“We will have to suffer additional closures of the bridge.”

Routhier says these are scheduled to start on October 5.

He continues to say that every weekend for nine weeks (until mid-December) from Friday at 10 pm until Monday at 5 am, the bridge will endure some type of closure.

The mayor claims that once the work is done, Chateauguay will have a wider off-ramp from the bridge and the speed zone will be increased to 70 km/h.


The City of Montreal however, nor the Pont Mercier, have released any official statement on the bridge’s supposed continued construction.

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