Everything the CAQ has promised to do if they won a majority government

Oct 2 2018, 12:36 pm

François Legault and his Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) party will form the next majority government in Quebec. This is the CAQ’s first victory and a stunning defeat for the Quebec Liberals.

The party overtook the Liberals in the National Assembly by passing the 63 seats needed for a majority government.

The CAQ, which has positioned itself as centre-right on the political spectrum, is also the first new party to take power in the province since 1976.

Stemming from the 39-day election campaign, here is a quick recap of all the promises made by the now 32nd premier of Quebec, François Legault.


  • Regulate school taxes across Quebec
  • Export electricity to other provinces and the USA
  • Develop new technology
  • Supply high-speed Internet and improved mobile phone coverage to all regions


  • Make pre-school free for 4-year-olds (not mandatory)
  • Create service centres run by school directors, teachers and parents
  • Closing of the traditional school boards
  • Increase the time for elementary school recess periods (minimum two 20-minute periods a day)
  • Increase high-school extracurricular activity options per day
  • Lobby for every school to built an engineering/architecture competition
  • Increase the number of student resources (speech therapists, psychologists, teachers)

Health Care

  • Guarantee every child has a family doctor
  • Develop screening tests for children under 5 years old for developmental disorders
  • Reconsider doctor’s income
  • Increase the hours to non-appointment CLSC visits on weekends and evenings
  • Make hospital parking lots free for guest’s first two hours (reduce to $7 -$10 a day)
  • Increase the legal age of purchasing marijuana to 21
  • Increase full-time nurse positions
  • Increase meal budgets and mandatory bath times at seniors’ homes
  • Put into action a new alert system to search for missing seniors


  • Prohibit religious symbols for all persons in a position of authority
  • Limit immigration, in part to protect French language.


  • Enforce a French language and value test
  • Reduce the number of immigrants by 20% a year, starting in 2019
  • Lobby with Ottawa for full control of immigration


  • Give Quebec full constitutional recognition as a nation
  • Appoint a French language commissioner to receive language complaints

Transit and Environment

  • Reduce greenhouse gas production in other areas by exporting environmentally friendly hydro energy
  • Turn Quebec’s St. Lawrence Valley into a Silicon Valley of sorts, for innovation
  • Set aside $10 billion to alleviate congestion (by 2030)
  • Commence a tramway project in the eastend of Montreal and the South Shore
  • Extend Montreal’s REM light-rail train to Laval and Chambly
  • Consider running Pink Line above-ground
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