Canadiens fans react to rollercoaster ride on draft lottery day

May 1 2018, 12:28 am

While they may not have been the clear-cut winners of Saturday night’s NHL Draft Lottery, fans can breathe a (small) sigh of relief that the Montreal Canadiens climbed up the totem pole.

The Habs managed to claw their way up to a third overall pick, beating out other Canadian teams (namely the Ottawa Senators and Vancouver Canucks) who had similar odds entering the lottery.

Thanks in part to a new draft format that took place over the course of Saturday’s Vegas/San Jose playoff game, fans were locked into a rollercoaster ride of suspense. By the time the first 12 picks were announced, the suspense skyrocketed when it was evident that Montreal would have a top-three pick in this year’s draft.

The question was, however, where in the top-three?

For about two hours, fans waited on the edge of their seat to see if they would win the right to draft franchise-changing, Swedish-defenceman Rasmus Dahlin.

Needless to say, making it past the initial lottery into a top-three slot was more than exciting news for Habs fans.

And although the Canadiens ended up taking the third spot, it’s still something to smile about, especially since lottery odds gave the team a higher chance of dropping to fifth place instead of moving up.

While it’s there are several options for the Canadiens come June, the hope is that some much-needed scoring ability joins Jonathan Drouin and the rest of the boys.

There was, also, a very interesting event that took place with one of the draft’s top prospects.

It looks like only time will tell.

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