5 decadent Montreal brunch spots to help get you through the winter blues

Feb 6 2023, 2:52 pm

Everybody knows that winter in Montreal is no joke. But neither is the city’s brunch scene.

So if the cold and the dark days are starting to get to you, why not treat yourself to a delicious take on everyone’s favourite meal to help add a little sunshine to your day… or at least your stomach?

Whether it’s a classic spot or a new player to the scene, check out these decadent Montreal brunch spots to help get you through the winter blues.



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No Montreal brunch list is complete without this classic. L’Avenue has always been known for its unique plates, funky decor and friendly service. Must-try items include the plethora of crepes, over-the-top benedicts, and avocado toasts for when you’re in that kind of mood. And if you can’t decide, try the Indecisive, which comes with a little bit of everything.

Address: 3612 rue Notre-Dame O; 922 ave. Mont-Royal E
Phone: (438) 387-3668; (514) 523-8780



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Barranco may be new to the Montreal brunch scene, but it’s definitely making a name for itself. The Peruvian spot opened as a sandwich shop in 2021 and introduced its beautiful brunch offering last year, which brings a bit of flair from the South American country.

Callout dishes include a classic tiradito, ceviche (both staples of Peruvian cuisine), a BLT on Portuguese bread and lucuma pancakes. The space itself is as bright and vibrant as the dishes, making for the perfect place to start your day.

Address: 4552 rue Saint Denis
Phone: (514) 282-9000



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It may be a great spot for dinner, but LemĂ©ac’s brunch is not something that should be missed. The French bistro provides a sleek, sophisticated take on all of your brunch favourites, like French toast, egg tartlettes, and the Norwegian plate.

This is not only one you’re going to want to try, but one you’re going to want to post to your feed so your friends know you know how to do brunch right.

Address: 1045 ave. Laurier O
Phone: (514) 270-0999

Le Passé Composé

Another spot you think of when someone asks, “Where can I get decadent brunch in Montreal,” Le PassĂ© ComposĂ© is as lavish as they come. Think beyond regular poached eggs, and add Brioche bread, poached goose eggs, Grade A foie gras (RougiĂ©), foie gras sauce, onion jam, prosciutto chips, poppy seeds, arugula sprouts and honey-glazed turnips. And not just breakfast poutine, but Thyme and duck fat infused French fries, Gaspor pulled pork, peas, maple caramelized onions, chives, aged cheddar, blue cheese (Bleu d’Auvergne), creamy foie gras sauce, sunny-side-up goose egg, and arugula sprouts. Drooling yet?

Address: 1310 boul. de Maisonneuve E
Phone: (514) 524-6663

India Rosa


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India Rosa’s two locations may be known for their stunning decor inspired by the far east country, but their brunch menu is just as impressive. Leaning into the rich flavours and spices used in Indian cuisine, the menu includes dishes like chicken and waffles made with Masala waffles, Tandoori fried chicken, a sour curry and lime sauce, and spicy honey and cashews. Or, if you’re leaning more towards eggs, the menu boasts an eggs Benedict on brioche bread with lamb curry, mini turnips, glazed carrots and sour sauce.

Address: 1241 ave. Mont-Royal E; 1050 rue Wellington
Phone: (514) 543-1880; (514) 360-3236

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