These are the 10 best restaurants in Montreal according to Yelp

May 5 2022, 3:29 pm

Sometimes it’s easiest to hop online and get some help from the internet. Or, more specifically, some Yelp from the internet.

We’re currently living in the golden age of crowd-sourced reviews as people continue to flock to the internet for recommendations.

Yelp was founded in 2004 and hosts reviews, ratings, information, and photos of restaurants and establishments. As of 2021, the company has over 244 million reviews across its digital business listing pages.

Yelp’s scoring system is based on the frequency of use from its users, the number of check-ins recorded, and most importantly, the number and quality of reviews given for a specific business or restaurant.

The Yelp algorithm ranks listings based on keywords in reviews instead of the number of reviews given. So, even if scores are the same (as is the case with the top-ranked Montreal restaurants), specific positive reviews are actually what settles the ranking.

Some of Yelp’s nearly quarter-billion reviews are for spots right here in Montreal. In descending order, here are the city’s best restaurants, according to Yelp.

10. Le PassĂ© ComposĂ© – 4.5/5, 341 reviews

This comfy-corner French bistro, specializing in seasonal eggs dishes, crepes, sandwiches, and tasty coffee, gets the list going in the tenth spot.

9. RĂ©gine CafĂ© – 4.5/5, 282 reviews


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Another breakfast spot enters the nine-hole with Régine Café, an upscale all-day breakfast spot with groovy retro chairs.

8. La Finca – 4.5/5, 137 reviews

La Finca is an airy coffee shop that offers hot drinks, sandwiches, breakfast, and homemade pastries.

Yelpers love breakfast spots in Montreal…

7. Ma Poule MouillĂ©e – 4.5/5, 503 reviews

Ma Poule Mouillée cranks out very tasty poutine but specializes in counter-serve Portuguese-grilled chicken.

6. Saint Sushi Plateau – 4.5/5, 351 reviews

Saint Sushi Plateau is the only sushi spot on Yelp’s top ten list, offering the popular Japanese dish in a colourful spot.

5. Le Club Chasse et PĂȘche – 4.5/5, 222 reviews

Le Club Chasse et PĂȘche offers refined Quebecois dishes like fish, game, and soups in a cozy lodge-like setting.

4. L’Avenue – 4.5/5, 1182 reviews


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This graffiti-walled breakfast spot in St-Henri is known for massive smoothies and tasty brunch plates.

3. Île Flottante – 4.5/5, 116 reviews

Kicking off the top three, the stylish Île Flottante specializes in French dishes.

2. Bouillon Bilk – 4.5/5, 436 reviews


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Another French bistro, Bouillon Bilk, uses a chic space to offer up Paris-inspired cuisine.

1. Damas – 4.5/5, 360 reviews


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Damas, the upscale Syrian restaurant in Outremont, is the number one ranked restaurant in all of Montreal, according to Yelp reviews.

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