Could this be the best spot to take pictures of Montreal's skyline? (PHOTOS)

Jul 21 2022, 6:57 pm

If you’re on the hunt for some great vantage points of the Montreal skyline, a lesser-known riverside park might be the best spot to snap some seriously impressive shots of the city.

Ideally located on a point extending out into the St. Lawrence River, Parc de Dieppe is a hidden gem for photographers looking for good angles of both downtown and the Old Port.

During summer, the park has picnic tables, drinking fountains, BBQ pits, free parking, and an on-site washroom.

Alyssa, a local Montreal photographer who shoots long exposures, tells Daily Hive she enjoys shooting from Parc de Dieppe because it allows her to show movement in her photos thanks to the location’s view of the sky, water, ferris wheel, and buildings.

“On a good day, the colours overlooking the skyline are stunning, especially right after the sun sets,” she says.

And she has proof:


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Parc de Dieppe is easily accessible by bike as well, with a path going all the way to the park’s point (and covered chalet).

You’d also be a stone’s throw away from the original Habitat 67 housing complex and you’re literally on top of the historic St. Lawrence River and its rapids.

The park also has. long hours for both the early birder photographers and the night owls. Parc de Diepper is open from 6 am to 12 am every day.

If you’re still not convinced, maybe these local works from the park — located at 3400 Avenue Pierre-Dupuy — can help ignite some creativity:


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