5 Montreal Caribbean spots you need to check out for a whole lot of flavour

Jun 12 2023, 7:40 pm

Of all of Montreal’s diverse cultures that contribute to its restaurant scene, none adds spice and flair quite like its Caribbean community’s establishments.

Offering a range of recipes and ingredients from around the region, Caribbean cuisine is as vibrant and rich as the people that cook it and the city has the honour of having some of the best spots around the country.

Here are some of the best Caribbean restaurants that Montreal has to offer.



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Over in Verdun, you’ll find Kwizinn, a Caribbean fusion restaurant, that uses Caribbean flavours and traditions as its base, then uses its creativity to lean into Asian fusion, European fusion, American fusion, and more.

Be sure to check out the plantain burger and the mac n’ cheese, with griot (fried pork), pancetta, bacon, and three cheeses. For something a little special, try the sharing platter for two, which is typically made up of appetizers, samples of main dishes, chefā€™s specials, fried pork, jerk wings, Caribbean patties, octopus and shrimp, rice and beans, and more.

Address:Ā 4030 rue Wellington
Phone Number: (514) 761-4030



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Lloydie’s has been bringing all of the spice of the Caribbean to the people of Montreal since 1987, specifically from the West Indies. Popular items include the jerk chicken plate, the Bajan fried chicken, and the oxtail poutine. And of course, you have to try the Jamaican-style patties, which are so popular that you can buy boxes of frozen patties to make at home from the two locations and at select grocery stores.

Address:Ā 4601 rue Notre-Dame O., 66 rue Saint-Viateur O.
Phone Number: (514) 938-3883, (514) 274-7474

Mango Bay


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As bright and vibrant as you’d expect from a Jamaican restaurant, Mango Bay puts a smile on your face from the moment you walk through the door, and since opening in 2001, it’s been considered one of the top Caribbean restaurants in Montreal.

Menu highlights include Mango Chicken, fried fish, curries and roti, and jerk chicken, the house specialty. Enjoy live music on a Saturday night and enjoy the rhythms of Reggae, Calypso, Steel Pan, and Soul sipping on Red Stripe, a Jamaican lager-style beer.

Address: (514) 875-7082
Phone Number: 1236 rue Mackay, #201

Caribbean Curry

Caribbean Curry House is an over-the-counter spot in Cotes des Neiges that serves up authentic recipes using the freshest ingredients and whose ambiance is casual and homey, like stepping into a local spot in the Caribbean.

Try daily specials and menu staples, like the famous stuffed rotis and generously portioned plates served with salad, rice, and plantains.

Address: 6892 ave. Victoria
Phone Number: (514) 733-0828


If there’s one spot that represents Montreal’s thriving Hatian community, it’s Pikliz over in Saint-Henri. Pikliz is named after a staple of Hatian cuisine, a pickled vegetable relish condiment that’s served with just about anything and everything to enhance the flavour.

The family-run business was started by the Acacia brothers who created a menu to highlight their heritage, serving items like Haitian patties, papitas and guac, and accras, a Haitian fritter made with Creole spices and casava.

Address: 4206 rue Saint Jacques O.
Phone Number: (514) 431-0243

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