Montreal ranked one of the best cities in Canada for work-life balance

May 5 2022, 4:58 pm

Montreal is revered for its food, culture, scenery, language, and now, its work and life balance.

According to the holiday search engine’s newest Work/Life Balance Index, Montreal is one of Canada’s top cities in getting the balance right.

Cities were ranked on workplace factors like the average annual hours worked, average commute time, the minimum number of mandatory paid holidays, and life factors like the average hours slept each night, the number of holidays abroad taken every year per capita, happiness/wellbeing levels and disposable income levels.

Worldwide, Montreal landed at #68, just behind Toronto (67), Ottawa (65), and Vancouver (62). Edmonton took home the top Canadian honour, landing at 58th across the globe.

According to the study, Montreal averages 1,689 annual working hours per year and workers get an average of 16 paid working days off per year. Out of ten, Montreal ranked a 7 in terms of the study’s “happiness and well-being” score.

Be sure to check out the publication’s study for more rankings, scores, and full methodology.

Here’s how the world’s top ten work/life balance cities unfolded:

  1. Copenhagen, Denmark
  2. Reykjavik, Iceland
  3. Oslo, Norway
  4. Helsinki, Finland
  5. Stockholm, Sweden
  6. Frankfurt, Germany
  7. Linz, Austria
  8. Klagenfurt, Austria
  9. Den Haag, Netherlands
  10. Basel, Switzerland
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