YVR is making it easier for anxious fliers to travel from Vancouver

Aug 15 2018, 4:23 am

The thought of travelling can make anyone feel nervous, and if you struggle with anxiety, those feelings are even more intense.

In any given year, one in five people in Canada will personally experience a mental health problem or illness. And mental illness is something that indirectly affects all Canadians at some point in their lives, through a family member, friend, or colleague.

In hopes of making travel easier for those struggling with anxiety, YVR Vancouver International Airport is launching a new host of resources to help on October 10 for Mental Health Day.

Resources for travellers

YVR has been working with the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) since April 2017. Now the partnership is allowing the organization to create mental health awareness and support resources that will assist travellers with anxiety and stress issues related to travel.

These new resources will include a website that features videos designed to assist people who struggle with anxiety (such as a box breathing instructional video) and articles on topics like managing anxiety during turbulence.

Initiatives like these are part and parcel of YVR’s mandate to bring social benefit to the communities the airport serves, and are enabled thanks to its unique, not-for-profit operating model which ensures that all profits generated are reinvested back into improving the airport and supporting local communities – all without government funding.

A team effort

Employees at YVR take part in the CMHA’s Ride Don’t Hide bike ride fundraiser to raise awareness and break the stigma associated with mental illness. In 2018, YVR staff together with other riders across Canada helped raise more than $1.8 million for the CMHA’s community-based programs and services.

This partnership with the Canadian Mental Health Association is one of the many ways the airport invests in the community. Every year, YVR donates more than $1 million to local programs like the Canucks Autism Network, as well as many other community partners.

Discover more about the programs and initiatives YVR undertakes to continuously improve the airport by visiting yvr.ca now.

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