Here's what one year at YVR looks like, by the numbers

Jun 29 2018, 1:28 am

We all know that Vancouver International Airport is a vital part of the city (it turns out, planes are pretty important to life in 2018), but its role as an economic generator, jobs creator and fixture in the community is sometimes overlooked.

From the thousands (and thousands) of workers who make the airport run like clockwork, to the fact that it continues to lead the way in terms of innovative and accessible initiatives, the coolest parts about YVR are easy to lose track of.

So we decided to break it down in a quick, simple fashion. Here’s what a year at YVR looks like, by the numbers.

24 million:

That’s how many passengers YVR welcomed in 2017. For the record, that’s about as many people as the entire population of Australia, and more people than all of Hong Kong, Switzerland, and Lebanon combined. And by the end of 2018 YVR is expecting to serve close to 26 million.

$16.5 billion:

The amount of economic output across British Columbia the airport facilitated in 2017.


The number of destinations YVR will service by 2020. YVR currently serves 127 direct destinations and will grow to 144 by 2020, and each new destination brings economic benefit to the province. For example, a new year-round daily flight to China adds $25.9 million to the local economy and creates more than 350 jobs.

Image: YVR Airport


The amount of jobs YVR has created on Sea Island, with an additional 100,000 jobs created across B.C. through operations, tourism, and cargo. In fact, YVR’s mandate is to provide social and financial benefits to the communities it serves.


The number of provinces that YVR’s profits are allowed to benefit. Due to YVR’s not-for-profit governance model, everything earned by the airport must be reinvested right back into the airport and the communities it supports.


Amount of government funding YVR has received.

Whether you’re about to head off on a jet-setting adventure of your own or are welcoming a loved one to the city, the next time you roll up to the terminal you can rejoice knowing that the airport’s operations directly impact the overall economic health of the province of British Columbia.